A man and a woman on pretrial release for a drug case in the Superior Court of Guam were taken back into custody after both admitted to using meth.

Defendants John Chaz Pablo Sahagon, 29, and Jessica Indalecio Smith, 24, appeared before Judge Anita Sukola on Wednesday.

Both have since pleaded not guilty to charges of possession of a schedule II controlled substance.

The court noted that Sahagon had failed to report to Adult Probation Services multiple times since his arrest. Defense attorney Charles McDonald told the court that his client hasn’t been able to check in, as he is caring for his child.

Sukola ordered that the couple be drug-tested.

However, McDonald told the court that the pair admitted that they used drugs. Both tested positive and were taken back into custody.

“Call CPS,” said Sukola.

It was also said in court that this was the second time Sahagon tested positive for using meth this month.

The pair, who are eligible for Adult Drug Court, are scheduled to return on March 4 to be assessed.

On Jan. 7, police saw Sahagon removing a gas can from the trunk of a car. He told police that his car had run out of gas and he had called a friend for help, court documents state.

Smith was sitting in the passenger seat with a 7-month-old infant on her lap.

During a search, officers found two plastic straws with meth residue and a small resealable bag with meth residue inside a purse and another bag with meth residue on the floor of the front passenger seat, documents state.

Sahagon allegedly said they belonged to him, documents state.

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