The plea deal is being finalized for a woman who is among the cooperating witnesses in the federal case against indicted Yona Mayor Jesse Mendiola Blas.

Vickilyn Ramonica Manglona Teregeyo, also known as Vickilynn Teregayo, faces two drug possession cases that were heard before Judge Anita Sukola on Monday. She again didn’t attend the hearing because she lives on Saipan.

"I do know that we have been in communication with Ms. Teregeyo. We spoke with her, and my understanding is there may be some resolution coming," defense attorney Theresa Rojas said.

"Would that resolution mean the federal government is going to take her case and these two matters would be dismissed? Seems to be the pattern," said Judge Sukola.

"No, Your Honor," said Assistant Attorney General Courtney Scalice. "There is going to be a plea in this case where some of the conditions will run concurrently with the federal case."

"My understanding is she will return to Guam at some time where she needs to perform something with the federal government," Rojas said.

"When? Do we know?" said Sukola.

"I don't know," Rojas said.

”Let's find out,” Sukola said. “I need to know. I can't wait for Uncle Sam to deal with what's going on across the street."

Sukola had mentioned in court that she is aware the trial for Mayor Blas has been moved to next year. Blas' Dec. 2 trial date was moved to Feb. 4, 2020 to allow parties more time to prepare.

Teregeyo's local and federal cases

On Nov. 27, CNMI Chief Judge Ramona Manglona granted Teregeyo's request to travel to the Philippines for medical care. Her federal case has since been handed over from the jurisdiction in Guam to the federal court in the CNMI, court documents state.

In June 2018, Teregeyo pleaded guilty in federal court to drug use and possession of a firearm and ammunition. Teregeyo was a user of a controlled substance and knowingly possessed a Lorcin Engineering L380 semi-automatic handgun and three rounds of ammunition, federal court documents state. She was sentenced to three years' supervised release in May.

Sukola asked the parties in local court on Monday to find out details of the defendant's medical condition and provide more answers to the case by the next hearing set for Jan. 31, 2020.

Teregeyo has two pending cases before the Superior Court of Guam.

Court documents state Teregeyo attempted to deliver methamphetamine to a corrections officer at the Department of Corrections.

Mayor Blas, who has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of extortion and bribery in connection with alleged drug activity in his village, served as a third-party custodian for Teregeyo at one point early on in her local drug case.

Cooperating witness

Federal investigators learned of the alleged acts involving the mayor from Teregeyo, who had been in a romantic relationship with Blas. In 2018, she was pregnant and gave birth to Blas’ child.

Teregeyo and Lovelia Mendoza, another of the mayor's ex-girlfriends, told authorities that Blas allowed drug traffickers to use cluster boxes – intended for use by residents of the village – to mail illegal drugs.

The FBI testified that Teregeyo alleged the mayor assaulted her and on one occasion punched her hard in the face, had her dragged into a residence and held her hostage for at least three days.

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