A former Guam resident filed a civil lawsuit in the District Court of Guam yesterday alleging he was sexually abused by a priest “more than 100 times” beginning on his 7th birthday.

Now residing in Oregon, the plaintiff, using his initials J.A., sued the Archdiocese of Agana, alleging he was subject to three years of sexual molestation and rape by father Ray Techaira, who is now deceased.

Techaira was the priest assigned to the Nino Perdido y Sagrada Familia Catholic Church in Asan where J.A. and his family regularly attended Mass and volunteered their services at the parish, court documents state.

In 1984, J.A. was helping his grandfather wipe down the church pews when Techaira allegedly instructed the boy to go to the Asan rectory because the priest wanted to give the boy a birthday gift. 

The priest gave the boy a soda and told him to sit down and then allegedly began rubbing the boy’s shoulders telling him that he and his family were “good Catholics”.  J.A. shrugged the priest’s hands away but Techaira allegedly told him, “Don’t worry, I’m a priest.”

Techaira then undressed the boy and sexually abused him, telling the boy, “I’m a friend so don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”  J.A. reported that he cried. When the abuse was over, Techaira gave him $20 and told him that what occurred should be kept a secret and would make the boy a “good Catholic”, the complaint states.

Later that same year, J.A. alleges he was raped by Techaira during the Asan fiesta.  The complaint states J.A. was instructed to bring the priest a plate of food and was told to sit down and watch TV.

Techaira allegedly raped the boy despite his pleas for him to stop and told him, “Don’t worry, my boy. It won’t hurt,” the lawsuit states.

The sexual abuse and rape continued for the next two years until J.A. refused to help clean the church and no longer went to the Asan parish, said the plaintiff's attorney, David Lujan.

The lawsuit seeks $5 million in damages and alleges other priests and representatives of the Agana Archdiocese were aware of the sexual abuse committed by Techaira.

Lujan also alleges the archdiocese had an “internal society of sexual corruption” that sustained itself through a conspiratorial arrangement between priests and higher officials where they all understood and agreed to remain quiet about each others’ sexual abuse misconduct and tolerated such misconduct.

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