Lawsuit: Priest abused altar boy caught smoking

CHURCH: St. Jude Church in Sinajana was the location of an alleged sexual assault of an altar boy in 1987. A $5 million lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the alleged victim against the Archdiocese of Agana. Post file photo

A former altar boy alleges he was forced to strip naked and was sexually abused after a Guam priest caught him and another altar boy smoking in the balcony area of the St. Jude parish in Sinajana in 1987.

The lawsuit identified the victim as X.X.X. to protect his identity and named the late Daniel Cristobal as his alleged abuser.

In 1987, Cristobal caught X.X.X. and another altar boy smoking in the church. The priest ordered the boys to get ready for Mass and said he would deal with them after Mass, the lawsuit states.

The boys were brought to Cristobal’s office where he allegedly threatened to tell the parents of the boys if they did not strip naked.

The boys were puzzled and took off their shirts.

Cristobal moved forward to touch X.X.X. who backed away, court documents state.

Cristobal allegedly grabbed the boy’s hand and put it inside his cassock and forced the boy to hold onto the priest's private parts.

After the incident, X.X.X. immediately ceased being an altar boy.

Attorney David Lujan contends Cristobal identified vulnerable victims and their families and used his authority to procure compliance with his sexual demands from his victims.

The lawsuit seeks $5 million in damages.