A former Barrigada parishioner alleges he was sexually abused by the late former Guam priest Louis Brouillard for a period of two years on church grounds and at Boy Scout outings.

D.N., who used initials to protect his identity, filed a civil lawsuit in the District Court of Guam against the Capuchin Franciscans and the Boy Scouts of America.

He alleges the abuse occurred between 1973 and 1975, when he was between the ages of 10 and 12.

D.N. alleges Brouillard exposed himself while swimming at the Lonfit River during Boy Scout outings and routinely instructed the boys to remove their clothes and swim naked in exchange for free food.

While the boys were swimming, Brouillard allegedly groped and touched their private parts.

The complaint states on multiple occasions Brouillard would take D.N. aside and force him to engage in sexual acts. The boy was also forced to sit on Brouillard's lap while he drove his car to the Lonfit River, court documents state.

After Mass, D.N. was required by Brouillard to visit the priest's room at the Barrigada church where Brouillard would sexually abuse D.N., the lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit states Brouillard would talk to him during the sexual abuse and told the boy that everything "will be fine," "do not worry, do not scream," and threatened to put a belt across his mouth. Brouillard allegedly also told the boy not to tell anyone, especially his mother.

D.N.'s attorney Michael Berman alleges the Archdiocese of Agana was aware of Brouillard's sexually predatory behavior. The attorney contends the late Bishop Apollinaris Baumgartner was aware of Brouillard's expulsion from the St. Paul Seminary for "associating too much with young boys" but made arrangements for Brouillard to attend a different seminary and paid for his attendance.

The lawsuit alleges Baumgartner instructed Brouillard twice in writing in the early 1960s to discontinue allowing boys to sleep overnight or live in his rectory.

The complaint seeks $5 million in damages.