Lawsuit: School counselor molested boy up to 100 times

COURT: The District Court of Guam is seen in February. A civil case in the federal court alleges that a former middle school counselor molested a teen multiple times when he was 13 to 14. Norman Taruc/The Guam Daily Post

A man alleged in a civil case in federal court that he was sexually molested by a middle school counselor between 75 to 100 times when he was 13 to 14.

The alleged sexual abuse occurred in 1981.

A civil complaint was filed in the District Court of Guam on Monday against defendants Dennis Mark Zermeno and about 10 unnamed individuals.

The alleged victim was identified in court documents as BB to protect his identity.

Zermeno, who now lives in California, was previously a counselor at Agueda Johnston Middle School, court documents state.

The complaint alleges that five unnamed entities and five unnamed individuals assisted, aided, and abetted and/or conspired with Zermeno to conceal, disguise, cover up, and promote the wrongful acts.

The victim recalled that in 1981, he was called to the school counselor’s office by the defendant and told he was to be paddled for no apparent reason. The victim allegedly was sexually assaulted for a few minutes before being told he was not going to be paddled this time, documents state.

During a second alleged incident, Zermeno went to the victim’s house and asked his mother if the victim and his younger brother could work for him at the Paseo Stadium during baseball season. After the games, Zermeno allegedly would take the victim into the locker rooms and sexually assault him.

In other alleged incidents, the defendant would lay the victim face down and rape him, the complaint alleges.

The defendant would also have the victim sleep at his Yigo home telling the victim’s mom that it would be easier to take him to work and help at the stadium. He would then force the victim to sleep in the same bed and would rape him, court documents state.

He also took the victim on a trip to Rota where he allegedly sexually abused the him, according to the complaint.

The victim was abused on a weekly basis while he was in the eighth grade, documents state.

The victim described in documents that the abuse made him feel dirty and like a prostitute, adding that he suffered from depression and anxiety disorder, and on occasions ended up at the government mental health agency because he couldn’t contain his panic and anxiety attacks. He also stated he became suicidal.

The victim is suing for $2 million and seeking a jury trial. He is being represented by attorney David Lujan.

The court also issued a summons for Zermeno.


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