$1.3M in tax refunds

TAX REFUND CHECK: The Department of Administration will be mailing out $1.3 million in tax refunds next week, according to a DOA and Department of Revenue and Taxation press release. Post file photo 

The Department of Administration will mail 487 tax refund checks next week totaling approximately $1.3 million, according to a joint press release with the Department of Revenue and Taxation. 

The cutoff is for error-free tax returns filed by Feb. 21.

The checks will have deductions for debts owed to the government of Guam.

The administration hasn't said when it would pay out tax refunds using Section 30 money.

The administration has until Oct. 15 to pay tax refunds for returns filed by the tax deadline of April 15. Taxpayers expecting a refund but who filed after the deadline should receive their tax refunds within six months of the filing date.