The death of a Catholic priest was the "happiest moment" of B.C.D.'s life after years of dealing with the pain of being repeatedly sexually abused when he was 9 years old, according to a lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of Guam against the Archdiocese of Agana.

B.C.D., who used initials to protect his identity, alleges he was sexually molested and abused by the late Monsignor Zoilo Camacho.

The plaintiff, now 55, alleges he was sexually abused once or twice a week for six months in the early 1970s while serving as an altar boy at San Vicente/San Roke Catholic Church in Barrigada, where Camacho served as parish priest.

B.C.D. was subjected to various types of abuse including fondling and penetration, the lawsuit stated.

The boy told his grandmother, a devout Catholic, about the abuse but instead the boy was scolded, spanked and lectured that a priest was "God's representative" and was not capable of such actions. The grandmother told B.C.D. to stop spreading lies, court documents state.

Attorney David Lujan stated Camacho's death in September 2007 was the "happiest moment" of B.C.D.'s life.

His client said he became suicidal and cut himself all over his body after he was subjected to the sexual abuse, leading him to experiment and become addicted to LSD, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and other illegal drugs.

Lujan said his client remains a "tortured soul" and is incapable of having a normal relationship with any woman because of the scars left behind from the abuse.

The lawsuit seeks $5 million in damages.

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