Machete play kills man

DEADLY GAME: Guam Fire Department responded to a stabbing reported at Sgt. David Camacho Street, Tamuning, on Thursday. The victim died on Friday, the Tamuning mayor confirmed. Police found the suspect about a mile away from the apartment building. Rusty Rusauo was arrested but may now face additional charges. Nick Delgado/The Guam Daily Post 

Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera confirms her office learned that the victim involved in Thursday afternoon’s reported stabbing died on Friday.

“This is just a bad area with a lot of drinking going on. It’s just unacceptable," Rivera said.

She asked GPD to do more patrolling in the village. 

“Our condolences to the family members going through this loss of their loved one. We ask that everyone be vigilant and look out for those drinking in the neighborhood.”

She said she believes the victim lived in an apartment building along Sgt. David Camacho Street, where the stabbing occurred.

Around noon on Nov. 7, the victim, Stanley Soulike, was at a Tamuning apartment when the defendant, Rusty Rusauo, arrived, the magistrate's declaration filed in the Superior Court of Guam Friday states. Rusauo was drunk, documents state.

Soulike and Rusauo were playing with the machete when Rusauo struck Soulike in the leg, documents state.

Soulike was transported to Guam Memorial Hospital by Guam Fire Department medics. GFD officials said he was conscious during the transport.

Meanwhile, Guam Police Department officers found Rusauo about a mile from where the stabbing occurred, documents state.

The defendant allegedly was highly intoxicated and had blood on his hands, feet, and clothing. The defendant allegedly told the police he didn’t know where the blood came from and allegedly said he had consumed approximately 12 cans and two bottles of beer.

On Friday, Rusauo was charged with one count of aggravated assault as a second-degree felony, with a special allegation of possession or use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony.

The Post has learned the suspect arrested could potentially face additional charges of negligent homicide.

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