Magof Mondays: Guam Girl Scout earns silver award

SILVER AWARD: Girl Scout Cadette Dacey Jungk received her Silver Award for the 2018-2019 Program Year and was recognized at the Guam Girl Scout Annual Meeting in November 2019. Jungk created brochures to educate the community about the endangered Marianas fruit bat, constructed bat houses to shelter the species and aid in their recovery and planted seeded breadfruit and papaya trees for bats to feed on. The Silver Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout Cadette can earn. Pictured from left, are: John Reyes, board president; Genevieve Rapadas, board vice president; Jungk, Troop 513; Melanie Mendiola, board member; Ramona Nelson, board member; and Karina Quito, executive director. Photo courtesy Guam Girl Scouts