A man charged in the District Court of Guam with assaulting a child on Andersen Air Force Base pleaded guilty on Tuesday.

Romo Garcia Ochoa admitted to the two charges of simple assault during a hearing before Magistrate Judge Michael Bordallo.

"Guilty," said Ochoa.

He remains out of prison and is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 3.

According to amended information filed in federal court in March, Ochoa was charged with simple assault of a person under the age of 16.

Court documents state the assault occurred on May 31, 2019, on the military base.

Ochoa was accused of intentionally making physical contact with the child in an offensive manner, specifically by pushing the child under a chair and restraining the child for more than six minutes by using a display of force that reasonably caused the child to fear immediate bodily harm, documents state.

Ochoa is also alleged to have grabbed the child by the arms and dragged the child into another room, documents state.


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