Man allegedly shoots 60-year-old woman known to him with pellet gun

GUAM JUDICIAL CENTER: A man faces felony and misdemeanor charges, according to documents filed with the Superior Court of Guam, after allegedly hitting two women known to him, shooting one of them in the leg with a pellet gun. The Guam Judicial Center, which houses the Superior Court of Guam, is pictured on June 28, 2020. Post file photo

A 26-year-old man allegedly shot a 60-year-old woman with a pellet gun and kicked her on the face. 

At about 9:50 a.m. Oct. 17, Guam Police Department officers responded to a physical altercation reported at a Talofofo home, states the magistrate’s complaint filed at the Superior Court of Guam.

Officers arrived to find a man, later identified as Jonathan Michael Martinez, also known as Jonathan Michael Ojeda Martinez, walking towards them and “appearing to be angry.” Martinez allegedly told the officer to secure his hands in cuffs and to arrest him, documents state.

Another man alleged the defendant had shot the 60-year-old woman, who is known to him, with a pellet gun, documents state.

The woman was in "a great deal of pain” and had “blood flowing out of puncture wounds on her left leg,” documents state.

She also told officers, the left side of her face was hurting and she had a headache, allegedly telling officers he’d also kicked the left side of her face, documents state.

According to documents, the defendant and a younger woman were arguing when he allegedly became violent and punched her, which is when the older woman took the children to a bedroom.

The defendant said he repeatedly told the older woman to give the two kids back to him, but she refused, documents state. The defendant allegedly told police that he then went into his room, grabbed the pellet gun and shot the woman twice on the leg, adding that he had repeatedly warned her not to keep the kids from him.

The younger woman said the defendant told someone else: ”I shot your wife,” documents state.

The officers confiscated the pellet gun allegedly used during the incident.

Martinez faces the following charges: aggravated assault as a third-degree felony; family violence as a third-degree felony; and family violence as a misdemeanor.


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