Police arrested a man who was allegedly using stolen credit cards.

Hadi Mirsadeghi, 41, was charged with two counts of identity theft and four counts of theft.

According to court documents, police responded to a stolen credit card complaint at the Agat Pizza Hut. The victim told police the suspect may still be at the restaurant.

Officers stopped the suspect from leaving the parking lot after the victim said, "That was the guy."

Restaurant staff told police the suspect had placed a food order. Authorities learned that the credit cards allegedly used belonged to the victim.

Police searched the suspect's wallet and found another credit card, apparently owned by a second victim.

Mirsadeghi told police he found the credit card while packing out his house to relocate from Guam. He said he was too busy to report the lost card or attempt to find its owner, documents state.

Authorities contacted the second victim, who said she had noticed multiple suspicious transactions between March 29 and April 17.

The suspect apparently got rid of the second victim's stolen card and later denied having it.

Police searched his wallet again, but the card was no longer there. Officers did find a receipt for the food order he just made and signed it using the second victim's name.