Man faces extradition to Guam; 8 pounds of meth intercepted

SEIZURE: Federal authorities weigh 2,342 grams of crystal methamphetamine in three plastic bags following the seizure of the drugs from a U.S. Postal Service priority package in September 2018. In another federal investigation on Guam, authorities intercepted 8 pounds of methamphetamine recently. Photo courtesy of the District Court of Guam

A man is facing federal drug charges in connection with an ongoing drug investigation that involves a former Guam police officer.

Andrew Philip Manibusan was charged with conspiracy to distribute 50 or more grams of methamphetamine.

He will be extradited back to Guam, according to court documents filed in the Northern District of California on June 15.

According to the complaint against Manibusan, District Court of Guam Magistrate Judge Michael Bordallo issued a search warrant on May 25 for a package that was sent to a Santa Rita address from Antioch, California.

Investigators found nearly 8 pounds of methamphetamine in the package. The court then put a GPS tracking device on it and had the package delivered to the address.

The feds monitored the package, as it was picked up on June 1 by Jose Pablo Ananich, the complaint states.

Ananich then allegedly took the package with him to his Yigo residence when federal agents were alerted that it had been opened.

Investigators found Ananich inside a shipping container allegedly burning the package.

Authorities also found a glass pipe and cell phone in his pants during a search, documents state.

Phone records show Manibusan had been in contact with Ananich, and that Manibusan received 32 $1,000 money orders from Ananich, documents state.

Ananich, a former GPD officer and Guam Department of Corrections officer, was taken to the Hagåtña Detention Facility earlier this month.

However, Ananich’s case was sealed after federal prosecutors told the court that law enforcement is still working on other individuals involved in an ongoing drug trafficking investigation.


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