A Maite man was able to get away safely after at least three people allegedly broke into his home and attacked him.

According to court documents, the victim told police a man known to him and another man knocked on his door around midnight before the pair went inside the home and allegedly punched the victim.

The suspect is accused of then kicking the victim's bedroom door open and asking the victim, "Where is your friend at?"

The victim told police he did not know why the suspects wanted to harm him, documents state.

The victim was forced to call police a second time after the suspect returned with two others.

The victim said he jumped off the balcony and ran away the moment he noticed the suspect take a step back, documents state.

David Kalab Talley, 24, was charged with home invasion as a first-degree felony, burglary as a second-degree felony and criminal trespass as a misdemeanor.

Talley told police that his friend was responsible for kicking in the door and assaulting the victim. He admitted to being at the victim's residence but said he did not assault anyone, documents state.