Airport confirms security breach

PARKED: United Airlines jets are parked at the A.B. Won Pat International Airport on Sept. 14. An alleged trespasser made his way into the jetway after scaling the airport fence. Post file photo

A 42-year-old Guam man was arrested after he scaled fence at the A.B. Won International Airport and reached the jetway where a passenger aircraft was departing for Narita, Japan, on Sunday.

Jay Cruz was booked and released, said John J.Q. Quinata, executive manager of the A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority.

The alleged trespasser scaled a section of the commuter terminal fence and snuck his way through obstacles in an attempt to conceal himself, Quinata said. TSA agents and ground workers spotted Cruz on the jetway.

Cruz told authorities he “just wanted to get out of the island,” Quinata said.

The FBI, TSA and local authorities are investigating.

Quinata said the suspect appeared to have been under the influence of a certain substance but Quinata didn’t know what it was.

The man faces a trespassing charge.

He was cooperative, Quinata said.

The fenced area where the breach occurred has been cleared, Quinata said. "We went through all the other areas in the airport to make sure that there's no other incidents like this can happen."

“The airport is very safe; this is a very isolated incident,” Quinata said.


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