Kirosi Kossy

Kirosi Kossy

Kiroshi Kossy pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated assault in the Superior Court of Guam on Thursday. Kossy was arrested after what began as a verbal argument ended in the stabbing of two people.

In August 2010, Guam Police Department officers responded to a riot at the Hemlani Apartments in Harmon and found two victims had been assaulted with a knife. One victim had lacerations to his throat.

Kossy was charged with attempted murder and possession of a Schedule ll controlled substance.

Under a plea deal with the Office of the Attorney General, Kossy agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of aggravated assault. The drug possession charge was dropped.

During his sentencing hearing, Kossy, represented by defense attorney Jeffrey Moots, addressed Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola.

“I will try my best. I will work. I have changed. I learned a lot from my time away from my family. Thank you very much, Your Honor,” said Kossy. He has been incarcerated at the Department of Corrections for 18 months.

Moots asked the court to suspend all but 18 months to two years and to put Kossy in a rehabilitation program.

Attorney Moots told the court that Kossy is a “quasi-literate individual with an alcohol and drug problem.” He said the attack was not premeditated and his client lashed out after getting struck when trying to separate others who were fighting.

An extended period of incarceration would not benefit his client or the public, said Moots.

Assistant Attorney General Courtney Scalice, who prosecuted the case, told the court the victim suffered “incredible injury to his neck." She said if the victim had not received immediate first aid he would have likely “bled out and died.”

Scalice recommended a non-suspended jail term or six years with credit for time served.

“Someone could have died,” Judge Sukola said as she handed down the sentence of four years in prison and three years of parole.

Kossy has a little over two years left to serve for his crime.

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