Two men arrested in Harmon dog shooting

NO NAME: The man in the photo, who declined to identify himself, said he did not mean to hurt that dog that was shot at with an apparent pellet gun recently. The Guam Daily Post talked to him at a Harmon auto shop Monday. Screen shot from a video by Norman Taruc/The Guam Daily Post

The dog recently seen on camera being shot at in Harmon survived, but appears to have been injured, according to Guam Animals In Need.

Cellphone video circulated on social media over the weekend showed a shirtless man holding what apparently was a pellet gun and firing it at a stray dog walking along Siket Street.

The dog yelped then ran away, as the man behind the camera said, “That’s a hit.”

GAIN officials, on Monday afternoon, said the dog has been located. Officials offered a reward of $1,000 for the dog’s safe recovery thanks to an anonymous donation.

The Guam Daily Post spoke to the man caught on camera at the same site in Harmon.

“I am not trying to hide,” the man said.

He declined to give his name, but said the dog was a nuisance and would trash the area.

“I didn’t mean intentionally to hurt it. Just to scare it so it don’t come back,” he said. “We love dogs. Every dog that comes here, we feed it and take care of it.”

“What he did was wrong and I do apologize to all the dog lovers,” said his mother, Vanessa. “Even I am a dog lover too.”

His mother and father said they were upset by the comments people were posting about their son on social media.

“It’s not even dead. It’s still alive. The dog is even running around. We are just chasing it away so it can stop making trash and everything,” his father said. “If they are going to take him to jail then tell the police to come here and have him.”

No arrest has been made in connection with the incident.


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