Joanne Messier felt relieved after she got a call from the police chief on Tuesday morning that two people had been arrested in connection with her husband's disappearance.

"It's been a long time," said Joanne Messier, who learned that her husband, Adam, may have been murdered.

Adam Messier is being remembered as a man who always helped others.

"I used to tease him that he is the white knight because he always had to help (others)," she said. "To him, life was more important. Since he went missing, I've kind of taken on that attitude."

The couple, who were married for 17 years, were separated at the time Adam Messier went missing in 2017.

Joanne Messier recalled the last phone call she received from her husband that September.

"His car had broken down. He wanted to see if I could help him out. I told him I was going into another meeting for work and I would call him after the meeting. Then he texted me that his friend came and they were able to tow the car to where he was staying at the time," she said.

He was staying at a condominium in Upper Tumon, she said.

Joanne Messier said Adam Messier typically spent every weekend with their three children, but that weekend he never showed up. 

"I knew something was wrong because he would take the kids every weekend to see a movie or whatever. He always made sure he spent time with the kids, and I couldn't get ahold of him even after the weekend passed," she said. "He is also so close to his mom. There is no way he would not be contacting us. So I knew four years ago that something had happened to him. The detectives were frustrated. It did take some persistence on my end to keep it going."

Joanne Messier remembered calling Adam Messier's clinic and was told that his records stated that if his family did not hear from him for 24 to 48 hours, they were to report him missing.

"I did that and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Because I knew that if I was doing that, that he was not around anymore," she said.

Joanne Messier said she worked tirelessly with Guam Crime Stoppers and the Guam Police Department to make sure her husband's case didn't go cold.

She leaves this message to those responsible for his death:

"At this point, I want anybody who was involved to turn their lives around, to make good choices from here on out. I can't think of a good choice that involves a dead body at the end of it. I want to bring Adam home. That will be the final closure. I hope these people won't ever do it again and change in whatever way they need to, to never want to do it again."


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