Former altar boy alleges sexual abuse led him to drug use

COURT: The District Court of Guam, which handles federal cases, is shown in this file photo. Post file photo.

Convicted meth dealer Christopher "Chico" Mesa appeared before Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan on Thursday for a status hearing.

Mesa received a prison sentence of almost six years in 2009 in the federal court for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more the 50 grams of methamphetamine.  

In 2017, after he got out of prison, his supervised release was revoked after he failed to notify the probation office of a change in residence and failed a drug test. He was sentenced to two months imprisonment, followed by 58 months of supervised release.

In April 2018, his supervised release was revoked again after he used meth, failed to report for drug testing and failed to report to probation. He was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment and a 48-month term of supervised release. His supervised release was to expire in 2022.

'Keep up the good work'

On Thursday, a U.S. probation officer told the court that Mesa had completed a seven-month drug rehabilitation program at the Salvation Army Lighthouse Recovery Center and was "doing very well."

Mesa's attorney, public defender Leilani Lujan, requested that the court impose another 48-month term of supervised release.

During the hearing, the judge granted the extension, which would expire in 2023.

"You are doing extremely well," Manibusan told the defendant. "It's all up to you. Keep up the good work."