Guam residents can expect more rain today and possibly Tuesday as the circulation that brought as much as 7 inches of rain Sunday is replaced by another depression. 

Ken Kleeschulte, of the National Weather Service Guam office, said Guam saw about 7 inches of rain in some areas in just that day. And between Sunday night and Monday afternoon, the island could get another 3 to 5 inches of rain.

He said the rain associated with the weak tropical depression making its way through the Marianas will likely begin to dissipate by today or Tuesday.

However, another weak disturbance over the Marshall Islands is "going to move into our area by midweek, and we’ll see increasing showers again," Kleeshulte said. It could be as soon as Tuesday, he added.

Kleeshulte recommended that, as drivers make their way to work today, they avoid areas prone to flooding during heavy rains.

Throughout Sunday, there were reports of impassable roads and possible mudslides. Officials urged residents to drive with caution. 

There were also concerns of manhole coverings coming loose, particularly in Barrigada and Tamuning. Guam Waterworks Authority crews were out Sunday in response to the volume of rainwater which lifted the lid off a manhole, creating a hazard. 

Guam Power Authority spokesman Art Perez said crews were out working on various issues but noted that weather-related issues included a report of a canopy that was "on power lines that caused a low-voltage condition" in Piga Subdivision. He said GPA crews were out Sunday responding to isolated power outages in Tumon and Tamuning, and low-voltage conditions in Inarajan and Barrigada Heights. 

Precautions urged

Charles Esteves, Office of Civil Defense administrator, Sunday night shared another statement urging residents to plan their drive today and to be patient as wet roads will likely slow traffic. 

“Heavy rain is expected to continue throughout the week. We urge the community to take extra precaution when commuting throughout the day,” Esteves stated. “Allow for extra time to get to your destination and practice caution on the roadways by driving below the speed limit and providing ample breaking distance between you and other vehicles.”

NWS Guam officials said they measured a record 6.65 inches of rain on Sunday at their Tiyan office by about 5 p.m.

"That breaks the previous rainfall record for this day, set back in 1983, with 2.26 inches. This number will go up through the evening," NWS officials stated.

Urban and small stream flood as well as flash flood warnings were issued Sunday. On social media, people posted photos and videos of drivers making their way down roads that were nearly invisible under several inches of sometimes muddied rainwater. There also were reports of stalled vehicles that were unable to make it through the high waters. 

Flooding was reported in the following areas:

·      Hamburger Road, Harmon

·      San Vitores Road, Tumon

·      Route 16, Barrigada

·      Artemio Cruz Street, Yona

·      R. Camacho Way, Barrigada

·      Near Aguon Store, Barrigada

·      Leyang, Barrigada

·      Tai Road, Mangilao

·      5th and 8th Streets, O’Brien Drive, Hagatna

·      Toto-Canada Loop Road, Barrigada

The following areas are deemed impassable. Motorists are advised to seek alternate routes:

·      Bradley Place, Anigua

·      Route 10 by Wendy’s, Barrigada

·      Polaris Point, Route 1

Officials also urged residents to be on alert for possible landslides and mud slides, which have occurred during times of continued heavy rainfall. 

They also urge the community to: 

·      Refrain from outdoor recreational activities

·      Avoid boating, surfing, and other water related activities until conditions subside; and 

·      Do not hike or camp until dangerous conditions subside. 

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