The two men arrested in connection with an assault in Anigua that may have resulted in a man's death have been charged with murder.

Harvey Arun Kansou, 34, was charged with murder as a first-degree felony, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault as a second-degree felony with a special allegation of deadly weapon use in the commission of a felony, and aggravated assault as a second-degree felony.

JK Maiki Sukion, 27, was charged with murder as a first-degree felony, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault as a second-degree felony, and aggravated assault as a second-degree felony. Each charge includes a special allegation of deadly weapon used in commission of a felony.

The pair, who are listed in prison records as being homeless, appeared in the Superior Court of Guam on Friday for a magistrate's hearing. Judge Jonathan Quan set cash bail for each defendant at $250,000.

The two are scheduled to return to court on July 15.


According to court documents, police responded to a report of an assault on June 29 behind Siam Restaurant in Anigua. Police found the victim bleeding on the ground with a six-inch cut to his head. The victim, who court documents have identified only as "Maverick," died from his injuries at Naval Hospital on July 2.

Witnesses told police Sukion hit the victim in the head with a metal pipe, which caused him to fall to the ground. Sukion and Kansou then kicked and punched the victim's head and face, documents state.

Bystanders pulled the pair away before they eventually took off on foot.

Police were able to find the 24-inch metal pipe allegedly used in the assault. Officers even reviewed video surveillance captured that day, documents state.

Authorities quickly tracked down Kansou, but he was so intoxicated that he was unable to answer questions from investigators, documents state.

Police were able to identify him due to his previous arrests.

Officers found Sukion a few days later and took him into custody.

Sukion admitted to hitting the victim with a metal pipe, but could not recall where he hit the victim, documents state. Sukion also told police that Kansou told him to keep kicking the victim in the head after he struck him with the pipe.

Sukion told officers that Kansou gave him the pipe and told him to hit Maverick after starting trouble with the victim, documents state. He said he did what Kansou had instructed him to do.

Court appearance

During their court appearance, Assistant Attorney General Leonardo Rapadas said both defendants are a flight risk and a danger to the community.

"He's not from the territory. He's looking at substantial time given the charges," said Rapadas, as Kansou was first to appear via video conference from the Hagåtña Detention Facility. "We have witnesses and footage."

Rapadas requested both be held on $250,000 cash bail, which the court granted.

"He is violent," Rapadas said, this time referencing Sukion as he appeared for his magistrate hearing.

Judge Quan ordered that the defendants have no contact with each other.

Criminal record

Probation officers also told the court of the defendants' extensive criminal records.

Prison records show that Kansou has been arrested 17 previous times in the last nine years. It was stated in court that five of Kansou's cases remain active.

Kansou has given police different dates of birth. He also has several aliases, among them are Peter Arun Rain, Harp Meld, Harvey Arun Kansas, Junky Mes, Harp Melo, Siaharvey Kansou and Mikey, documents state.

Sukion's records state he has been arrested twice before. The was arrested in December 2017 on suspicion of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and other charges, and again in May 2018 on suspicion of assault and family violence. Sukion also has aliases, including Mikey Sukion, JK Maiki Sukion, Mickey Sukion and Maiki Sukion.

Both had active warrants issued for their arrests prior to this new case.