Murder suspect's shack burns down 1 - main photo

FIRE: The Umatac wood-and-tin structure where the body of former Umatac Mayor Daniel Sanchez was found last week is seen destroyed after a fire. Sanchez was the mayor of Umatac from 2005-2009 and was a former police officer. The owner of the home, Rudy Fergurgur Quinata, 59, is one of two suspects arrested in Sanchez's murder. Jolene Toves/The Guam Daily Post

The home of murder suspect Rudy Quinata was burned to the ground; all that's left are remnants of a metal bed frame, a charred refrigerator, and a tin shower stall.

A neighbor who wished to remain anonymous told the Guam Daily Post that they came out at around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday to find the home engulfed in flames.

The neighbor stated that they didn't hear or see anyone in the area before the one-bedroom wood and tin home was in flames.

According to the neighbor, several puppies perished in the fire; neighbors said that the puppies were found under a charred mattress.

The home on 115 Jose Quinata Street in Umatac was the gruesome scene in the murder of former Umatac Mayor Daniel Sanchez earlier this week.

Quinata and his girlfriend Joyner Scott Sked are accused of allegedly beating Sanchez with a hammer and stabbing him at least 10 times before padlocking the front door shut and leaving him to die on April 1.

By the time police responded to Quinata's home for a welfare check and discovered Sanchez's body, he had already been dead for a couple of days.

Police are waiting for the Guam Fire Department to complete the investigation into the structure fire to determine if it was deliberately set.

GPD Spokesman Sgt Paul Tapao said officers had "lifted" the scene and were satisfied with the information they were able to gather.

"Investigators were able to effectively get all the information from the scene itself," Tapao said. "The investigation is ongoing. There are interviews ongoing with friends and family and associates of the victim and the alleged defendants." 


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