'Never going to let this go': Mother publishes a book on 2016 killing

BOOK COVER: The cover of "The Chase: In Pursuit of My Daughter's Killer." Amazon

Josephine Funes Wentzel, a former detective with the Guam Police Department, has spent the past few months working to broaden her search for the man who took her daughter's life.

Wentzel on Oct. 1 self-published her book, "The Chase: In Pursuit of My Daughter's Killer."

"I started looking at putting all this together, write a book, make the guy famous somehow, and if I can't find him, then at least everybody would know who he is," said Wentzel. "It feels good to put it out on paper and let him know I am never going to let this go. No matter where he goes, I am going to try and keep pushing the book."

Wentzel spent the past few years crossing international borders to catch the man authorities believe beat and strangled her daughter, Krystal Mitchell, 30, to death in 2016.

Mitchell was found dead while vacationing with her boyfriend, Raymond "Matt" McLeod in San Diego.

"It's a book about my journey through red tape, frustration, pain, confusion and pursuing justice myself, because there is no justice out there right now. The police and marshals can only do so much," she said. "He is going to have to be looking over his back and over his shoulder constantly now that there is a book that is still alive out there."

Multiple reported sightings have taken Wentzel to countries such as Guatemala and Honduras.

She plans to use the money raised to fuel her ongoing search for McLeod.

"I am going to continue to do my campaign throughout Central America and we are going to go even further. I've already reached out to Canada. The police are working with me there because someone gave him a Canadian passport after somebody gave him a fake one, so he could possibly be out there," she said. "With my book, I am hoping to help other people and give them encouragement to never give up hope, teach them how I did it, and just teach people how to fight back and work alongside the police because that is all you can do."


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