Preaching a positive self-image, local author and leadership trainer Jennifer Senne has released her second children's book.

"Good Morning, Mirror" encourages children to think twice about how they talk about themselves, and urges them to think positively.

"I was inspired to write this book because I have experienced the struggles of having low self-esteem and noticed the same self-limiting beliefs my children are imposing upon themselves," Senne said.

The 32-page book, illustrated by Andra Morosan, follows the story of a cute French bulldog named "little Frenchie" and her friend "Mirror," which the character states could either be a friend or enemy. But it's your choice.

"The story shows the danger of believing in the negative things we say to ourselves through the eyes of the main character," Senne said.

Recognizing beauty, realizing potential

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, little Frenchie eventually recognizes her beauty and realizes her potential, as Senne hopes other kids will.

"Many children out there are fearful to try something new because they believe they are not good enough. As parents, we need to be aware of the presence of self-limiting beliefs in our children before it affects their lives," she said.

"I believe the earlier we show them how capable and amazing they are, the better their chances of being successful in the future."

Senne, a certified speaker, trainer and coach with The John Maxwell Team and author of the children's book "Believe," is pleased to present her second book, which provides a positive mindset for island children.

"Although it's great having a book out there, I am happier that I can share a valuable lesson and hope that children will enjoy reading it and at the same time realize how capable and amazing they are," she said.

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