The governor has signed an executive order on quarantine and isolation policies following several rulings freeing local residents from government quarantine facilities.

“Travelers to and individuals already in Guam, including residents and non-residents, may be subject to quarantine and isolation pursuant to the laws of Guam. Such quarantine and isolation may occur in government qualified facilities,” states Executive Order 2020-33.

Superior Court of Guam Judge Elyze Iriarte noted that the Department of Public Health and Social Services, in its failure to provide quarantined passengers with information on their right to petition to get out of government quarantine facilities, was denying residents their fundamental civil liberties.

A number of residents in quarantine facilities have said they’re willing to quarantine but would prefer to quarantine at home.

Local officials said that doesn’t always work as residents are more likely to receive visitors or step outside of their homes, which could potentially expose others to the novel coronavirus if they have it.

Krystal Paco-San Agustin, Adelup press secretary, said the order aims to clarify the provisions by which the government is holding people in quarantine and isolation.

“It makes clear that our quarantine and isolation procedures rely on authorities set out in 19604 and 19605 rather than in 3333,” she stated. 


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