New hotel to be the tallest so far

NEW HOTEL: Brent Wiese, senior vice president and managing principal at RIM Architects, shows the concept art for a new hotel project in Tumon by Honhui Guam LLC during a Rotary Club of Guam meeting Thursday. John O'Connor/The Guam Daily Post

A new hotel to be built in the heart of Tumon is poised to become the tallest building in Guam, according to Brent Wiese, senior vice president and managing principal at RIM Architects, which is performing architectural work for the property owners, Honhui Guam LLC.

The hotel will be composed of two towers, combined into one building, and contain more than 900 rooms. The lower tower will be 31 stories and 420 feet tall, while the upper tower will be 37 stories and 492 feet tall, according to Wiese.

"Right now the (Pacific Islands Club Guam) is the highest at 417 feet, so this will be substantially taller than the PIC," Wiese said during a Rotary Club of Guam meeting Thursday. 

One tower will focus more on families while the other will focus on adult guests. The hotel will also include a water park. 

But the project is still in the early stages, and the new hotel does not have a name yet. Wiese said they are focused now on a Guam Land Use Commission application.

"We're meeting with the agencies now to make sure we're clear on what has to be done. We have to improve the infrastructure for power, for water, for sewer, and all that we got to figure out now," Wiese said. 

The project is located on the former Royal Palm Resort property, where there now stands a derelict parking garage and other structures. The area has been cordoned off by Honhui and is destined for demolition. 

Wiese said they will probably begin processing the demolition permits next month.


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