COVID-19 update

There were no new cases of COVID-19 based on testing that was conducted on Thursday. 

The Department of Public Health Laboratory ran 12 samples and 11 returned negative and 1 was deemed inconclusive.

According to the Joint Information Center, the samples of those patients who are asymptomatic or experienced mild symptom were sent to DLS laboratory and those results are sent off island.  

Results from testing from Guam Memorial Hospital are expected on Friday. 

Guam's total COVID-19 count remains at 135.

There were also 86 patients who had previously tested positive for the virus who have been deemed recovered by the Department of Public Health and Social Services.  This means the individuals are no longer exhibiting symptoms of the virus. 

The total number of cases on Guam does not include the 615 sailors from the USS Theodore Roosevelt, docked at Apra Harbor, who have tested positive for COVID-19. 

Five are hospitalized and one of them is in the Intensive Care Unit for increased observation due to shortness of breath, the Navy stated Thursday, Guam time.

After 94% of the warship's sailors were tested, 3,958 tested negative.


A total of 4,046 sailors have moved into facilities on Guam.

Those who tested negative are in 14-day quarantine at Guam hotels.

Sailors who tested positive are in isolation at the Naval Base Guam.

Sailors from the aircraft carrier account for more than half of the 951 COVID-19 cases across the Navy.


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