Notice of violation issued at House of Cards

RULES: Carnival rides at Paseo are shown in this undated file photo. The carnival's House of Cards operator received a notice of violation, which has since been rectified. The notice was issued following the placement of cash on a card table, which is against the gambling rules established by the government. Only chips are allowed at the table. Post file photo

The Department of Revenue and Taxation issued a notice of violation Sunday, the first night the House of Cards gambling operation started at the Liberation Carnival grounds, the department confirmed Friday.

The notice was issued after cash was seen on the table of a card game. The government's carnival gambling rules forbid the display of cash on the table because only chips are allowed for better tracking of revenue for tax purposes.

Rev and Tax Director Dafne Shimizu said it is highly likely the incident wasn't intentional, but rules have to be followed.

The department is working with the House of Cards operator to ensure compliance with the rules, she said, adding that no other violation has been noticed since then. Rev and Tax posted watchers to ensure revenues are tracked for tax collection.