The Guam Police Department is investigating whether an off-duty police officer stole a wallet that was inadvertently left by a previous customer at a Chalan Pago store on Thursday evening. The officer, who was not named because it is a personnel matter, has been placed on administrative leave.

Chalan Pago Familia Mart staff told The Guam Daily Post that a customer came into the store and made a purchase. As he walked out, he dropped his wallet near the cashier counter.

The surveillance footage shows another customer walking in and making a purchase then looking down near the newspaper racks as if he were reading something. While looking down, the second customer is seen picking up the black bifold wallet from the floor and walking out of the store.

Surveillance video from outside the establishment showed the man getting into a white sedan and then going through the wallet and then driving away.

Store staff said the customer who lost his wallet came into the store on Friday morning asking to review surveillance footage from the previous evening.

Another staffer said she recognized the man who took the wallet as a regular customer and a police officer.

GPD spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao confirmed the department is actively investigating the complaint.

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