Ong named recipient of prestigious academic award at UCLA

SCHOLAR: UCLA graduate student Josephine Ong is a recipient of the 2020-21 Don T. Nakanishi Award for Outstanding Engaged Scholarship in Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies at UCLA. Ong is a Ph.D. candidate in gender studies at UCLA and a Chinese-Filipino activist-scholar who grew up in Guam, according to a release from the university. Motivated by her experiences living and organizing under U.S. military occupation of Guam, Ong's research focuses on Asian American and Pacific Islander histories, Indigenous and Women of Color feminisms, Carceral studies, and feminist archival studies. As a graduate of UCLA's Asian American studies master's program, Ong published her thesis about the Filipino revolutionary hero Apoliniario Mabini's incarceration in Guam and Filipino settlers' efforts to memorialize him. Ong is working on a project about Chamorro-Filipino feminist solidarities and activist histories that untangle global and carceral articulations of U.S. empire that come together in Guam. Contributed photo