The Office of Public Accountability has sent to all Government of Guam agencies a reminder about the provision for gratuities and kickbacks.

Government office solicitations of goods from vendors for Christmas parties are particularly against the law, stated Public Auditor Benjamin Cruz. 

“As the year comes to a close and holiday festivities come into full swing, the OPA would like to remind all government of Guam agencies of the provisions in law with respect to gratuities and kickbacks," Cruz stated. It has come to my attention that vendors doing business with the Government of Guam are being solicited for contributions for office Christmas parties,” he said.

According to Guam law, in 5 GCA §5630 (d), "any government entity and/or employee that solicits or receives favors or gratuities from a potential or contracted vendor is in breach of ethical standards."

Specific references to the provision on gratuities and kickbacks were cited and sent to all GovGuam agency heads, the OPA stated in a news release Wednesday. 

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