Palau battles ocean acidification

OCEAN ACIDIFICATION: Palau International Coral Reef Center welcomed Charity Lee and the research team from Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, and professor Christopher Sabine from the University of Hawaii, Manoa, to continue to build capacity in the monitoring of acidity levels in Palau’s waters. On January 2018, in collaboration with KIOST, PICRC installed an ocean acidification monitoring buoy in Ngederrak Conservation Area. This noninvasive system takes eight measurements daily, monitoring the water’s pH, temperature, salinity and carbon dioxide levels. KIOST scientists regularly visit PICRC to assist and train in the proper maintenance and upgrade of the equipment. On Feb. 8, Sabine conducted a five-day workshop at PICRC on ocean acidification and how to maintain quality control of the data received from the OA buoy deployed in Ngederrak. Contributed photo