Guam resident Vic Paulino has found a new hobby during the COVID-19 pandemic: detecting metals on the beach.

It was only a week ago when Paulino, 73, once again began using his Swarm EFX100 metal detector, which had been sitting unused in his home for 17 years.

"My wife got it for me as a present from the mainland after I became interested in the hobby, watching people use metal detectors on TV and online," Paulino said.

He told The Guam Daily Post that, although it was a fun activity to do with his family, he had to focus on his job working in customs at the A.B. Won Pat International Airport.

"I took it out with my family one Saturday, for a couple of days I actually used it. ... Because of my work I got too busy that I just put it away. I didn't bother to use it again," he said. When the Dededo resident retired in 2003, he spent his free time playing golf and planting fruits including dragon fruit, papayas, bananas and avocados.

The pandemic allowed him to explore his new hobby, especially now that there are fewer people out and about due to the island's health restrictions.

Since he's been using his metal detector, Paulino has found jewelry as well as metal debris that might injure other beachgoers. The jewelry he's found includes what he believes is a diamond earring, a pearl earring and an emerald earring, along with an emerald ring.

"It's an interesting hobby, to go out there and actually look for something, maybe valuable," Paulino said.

He recently bought a new Bounty Hunter metal detector online. Paulino said he plans to continue his new hobby scouring the sands of Governor Joseph Flores Beach Park, commonly known as Ypao Beach.

Paulino said that, with the help of his new metal detector, he'd be glad to help anyone find lost jewelry on the beaches of Guam.


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