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COST OF HEALTH INSURANCE: The two principal architects of the 2020 budget, Stephen Guerrero and Lester Carlson, are not yet able to say just how much it will cost Guam taxpayers to provide health insurance for government of Guam employees, dependents and retirees in the upcoming fiscal year. Post file photo

More than 560 people signed an online petition, as of 7 a.m. Friday, that calls for government of Guam employees and retirees to have the option to choose their health insurance.

The petition seeks to have Public Law 34-83, which requires GovGuam's health insurance negotiating team to provide the single, lowest cost option among the health care insurance proposal plans to the governor, changed and allow GovGuam employees, retirees and survivors to be given the freedom of choice for health insurance carriers.

It also requests the Guam Legislature repeal and replace the law and for Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero to sign it.

The petition, which seeks to get 8,000 signatures, comes the same week Aetna, a CVS Health company, was selected through a bid process to be the government of Guam's health insurer. NetCare stated the Aetna plan will allow for more access to local clinics through NetCare's network.

This will be the first time in about 18 years that Calvo's SelectCare isn't participating as a GovGuam health insurance provider. TakeCare Insurance has filed lawsuits to protest the bid process.

Dozens of people have commented on the position since it was posted on

"The government employees should have choice to choose the best insurance coverage that fits the family lifestyle," said Galo Baluran.

"I kindly ask that I be able to choose. Some laws start with good intentions but end with bad outcomes. I'm afraid this will one of them," said Roland San Nicolas.

"SelectCare has always satisfied myself and my families insurance needs. Why fix something that's not broken? Common sense!!! Go local!!!," said Edward Quichocho.

"I don't want another health insurance plan, I am very satisfied with what I have," said Joseph Blas.

"Let me choose my health insurance body, my health, my choice!!!," said Bernadette S.N. Chargualaf.

According to, the website states it gives users the tools to create their own "sophisticated online campaign."

Earlier this week, a representative for Aetna International's local partner said government of Guam employees, retirees and their dependents don't have to change their primary doctor when the new health plan starts next month.

Medical referrals to the Philippines, Hawaii and the U.S. mainland will also continue under Aetna under a pre-approved basis, said Jerry Crisostomo, health plan administrator for Moylan's NetCare which is Aetna's partner.

GovGuam's thousands of health insurance members are reminded they have until Sept. 27 to sign up for a life insurance plan by asking each of their agency or department's personnel offices for the forms and the process. The GovGuam health insurance open enrollment hasn't been announced and no rate sheets or other information has been provided to employees, retirees, and survivors. 

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