Physicians' group recommends continued stay-at-home order, lifting of some restrictions

GMH: A health care worker enters the Guam Memorial Hospital while Guam is under PCOR-1 as seen on Sept. 13 in Tamuning. David Castro/The Guam Daily Post

The governor’s physicians' advisory group has recommended lifting some of the restrictions for businesses while a stay-at-home order is expected to be extended into the fifth week.

Dr. Hoa Nguyen contends the stay-at-home order is still necessary until the island’s hospitalization rate improves and the positivity rate decreases.

As of Wednesday evening, the island had recorded 29 COVID-related deaths and all had other underlying health conditions.

“No one is dying due to COVID-19 as the sole etiology,” or cause, the physician said. “COVID-19 causes multiple complications in patients with multiple comorbidities that resulted in their death much sooner. Without COVID, these patients could have a longer life span, he said.

While the last couple of weeks saw a decrease in sick visits to American Medical Center, Nguyen said more recently there’s been an increase in sick visits with at least two COVID-positives in AMC clinics on Monday.

He said the positive cases were relatively young – between 20 and 40 years old.

When asked if he still believed the lockdown is working in reducing cases, Nguyen replied, “It is working, except certain age groups. We have to approach this age group somehow with different messages.”

With restaurants limited to takeout, bars closed, and nonessential businesses shut down for weeks, Nguyen said based on conversations during clinic visits, many of the individuals in this age group are still gathering but in private houses.

While contact tracing is ongoing and improving with additional hires and processes and testing available, the doctor said it’s still not good enough to shift the island into PCOR2 and fewer restrictions with the current hospital census and positivity rate.

(Daily Post Staff)


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