PICRC researchers attend analytic training in Guam

STUDYING SOCIOECONOMIC DATA: Researchers Lincy Lee Marino and Shirley Koshiba, from Palau International Coral Reef Center, attended a weeklong Socioeconomic Measure Training Program in Guam in October. Marino and Koshiba learned how to use the IBM Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software; a program designed to analyze socioeconomic datasets. The use of this software will allow researchers to analyze social data for past, present and future socioeconomic research. They will use IBM-SPSS software to analyze the data set from the PICRC Baseline Socioeconomic Research Project carried out from 2015-2018. Specifically, they will analyze Palauan’s perceptions of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and their impact on their livelihood; especially on food security and income generation. The data collected in 14 different states will be analyzed, and the production of a national report is expected by the end of December. Photo courtesy of Palau International Coral Reef Center