A mother and her five children can sleep with some ease as the man who allegedly broke into their home and threatened to kill them is behind bars.

Eliud Dulei is the estranged boyfriend of the victim. The victim told police she ended their relationship in January.

She recalled the exact date, telling police she arrived home from the grocery store to Dulei accusing her of cheating. She alleged that Dulei struck her with the butt of a golf club.

"The victim ran out of the room and had her kids call the police. The defendant left and ran into the jungle. The victim told officers she was afraid of the defendant and what he may do down the road," said the court complaint.

Two months later, the victim called the police a second time; Dulei entered her home around 2:50 a.m. with a machete and began yelling at her, the complaint stated.

Dulei was allegedly upset that the victim was not answering his calls.

One of the victim's children yelled at the defendant to leave.

Court documents said the child "also asked the defendant what he was going to do with the machete and the defendant responded, 'I'm going to hit your mom with it,'" according to court documents.

Dulei allegedly left the residence after making the threat, but he broke into the home through the living room window moments later.

The victim and her children tried to barricade themselves in a room. Court documents said he busted through the bedroom, taking the door off its hinges.

"The defendant then entered the bedroom with the machete and yelled at the victim while pointing the machete at her. The children were afraid and crying, and when the victim yelled, "This is what you're going do to the kids you love?' the defendant put the machete on the bed and left the room," said the complaint.

The next day, around 4:21 a.m., police were called to the residence again.

She told police he was throwing things at her front door and banging on it.

She reported that Dulei called her 47 times from four different numbers over the course of two days. Court documents state the victim provided call logs to police.

Police, however, were not able to locate him.

On April 11, police were called back to the residence around 1 a.m. The victim told police Dulei tried to break in again and threatened one of the children.

"She saw him holding a machete and knife. The defendant told her if she didn't open the door, he will break the door down and kill them, that she got scared and ran to her mother," the complaint said.

When the police arrived, they could not find the defendant but noted the victim's car tires were slashed.

Three days later, police were able to locate Dulei at a home on Swamp Road, in Dededo.

Dulei has multiple family violence cases against him and was convicted of aggravated assault as a misdemeanor.

In this new case, he is charged with 11 offenses including home invasion, family violence and terrorizing.

Dulei was detained on $10,000 cash bail.


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