Police arrest two JFK students after school riot

SHELTER-IN-PLACE: Two John F. Kennedy High School students were taken into custody after a riot broke out at the school yesterday morning. Post file photo

The Guam Police Department arrested two students after yesterday morning’s fight between an unknown number of teens at John F. Kennedy High School.

Guam Department of Education is investigating what it is calling a riot.

“Thankfully, there were no serious injuries reported,” Superintendent Jon Fernandez stated. “Students with minor injuries were treated by the school nurse.”

Officials said they’re investigating the incident and will be using the videos of the fight that have been circulated widely on social media.

Meanwhile, the Guam Federation of Teachers has been fielding calls regarding the apparent lack of adults in some of the fight videos taken in the Upper Tumon school’s cafeteria.

“GFT has been receiving calls from teachers and staff concerned about the lack of aides, subs, and custodians,” GFT representative Robert Koss said. He anticipates meeting with the superintendent in the next couple of days.

Over the summer, GDOE held a job fair to fill vacant positions. Among the most-needed hires were school aides. The continued recruiting effort was announced just as the school year was about to start.

DOE calls in resource officers from other schools

At 11:40 a.m., school administrators told kids and staff to shelter in place because of the fight at the cafeteria. Officials haven’t said how many students rioted.

The education department released a statement around 12:30 p.m. saying, “Rioting occurs when four or more students participate in violent or disorderly conduct where injury or property damage may occur.” It said police were at JFK and school resource officers had been dispatched to help.

GDOE spokeswoman Isa Baza confirmed that school resource officers from other schools were called to JFK High to help restore and maintain order.

Shortly after the scene at the cafeteria was broken up, a number of students were said to be sitting with school administrators writing their statements.

The police said they took two students into custody.

“No further details will be released while the investigation is ongoing,” Superintendent Fernandez said later in the day. “We are grateful that no serious injuries were reported and we thank the Guam Police Department for the swift response and support of our schools,” he said. “We also thank our school personnel who helped to end and contain the riot. We will ensure there are appropriate consequences for all involved in today’s incident. There is no tolerance for violence at our schools.”

The school day ended at 1:45 p.m. and students were dismissed as scheduled “in a controlled manner,” DOE officials stated.