Police: 5 injured in apparent riot at Turtle Cove

POLICE: A Guam Police Department patrol vehicle is pictured in this file photo. Post file photo

Guam police are investigating a riot reported over the weekend that left five people injured.

Officers responded to a shooting incident at Turtle Cove beach in Yona at 8 pm on Saturday, according to GPD spokesperson Sgt. Paul Tapao.

Investigators learned that there were two separate parties involved in an apparent riot.

Tapao said five people were injured and had to be taken to the Guam Memorial Hospital for treatment.

“Through the course of the investigation, officers received information that during the course of the riot, shots were fired by unknown individuals, however, there were no reports of any gunshot injuries,” Tapao said.

Yona Mayor Bill Quenga told The Guam Daily Post that he heard about the incident through Facebook.

“I heard there was a gun involved from one of the victims. I’m not sure who started the riot down there. We couldn’t go down to the bottom because GPD had the road blocked. But, everyone was fine aside from their injuries,” said Quenga.

The mayor said one of the victim’s did approach him briefly.

“I got down from my car and he walked towards me. I saw his head was wrapped with a gauze,” he said. “I didn’t get his name but he was Chuukese and he mentioned something about them throwing rocks, a machete and a gun involved.”

Quenga said he was not allowed to go close to the scene, so he instead assisted police by directing traffic going pass the area.

“I hope everybody is ok. I hope nothing serious happens and I want everyone to just get along no matter what race we are,” he said. “Let’s all get along and stay safe.”

No arrests have been made at this time.

GPD’S Criminal Investigation Division is leading the investigation.


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