A disturbance complaint at the Tamuning Plaza Hotel Monday morning resulted in a pregnant woman being placed under arrest on a drug charge.

Victoria Elaine Antipuesto, 23, is charged with possession of a Schedule II controlled substance as a third-degree felony and family violence as a misdemeanor.

According to court documents, the complainant told police that earlier that same day he went through his pregnant girlfriend’s bag and found a clear resealable bag with the drug ice and three modified glass pipes with meth residue.

He confronted the woman, who then became angry and yelled at him, the documents state.

The magistrate’s complaint states she then started to break several of the victim’s possessions and threw some of them at him.

The complainant told authorities he pulled the woman by the shirt to remove her from his room. That’s when she pulled his hair and scratched his chest, documents state.

Antipuesto told police she got into a verbal argument with her boyfriend that then became physical. The documents state she also admitted to owning the drugs and pipes, and told officers she was using meth.

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