Ambros delivers meals for front-line health care workers

PPE FOR GUAM: Ambros Inc. donated a 3D printer and 20 rolls of PLA filament to aid in the production of face shields that will be supplied to health care professionals. Allison Rutter, co-founder of PPE for Guam, is shown with a Snapmaker 3D printer and filament. She said the filament will be used for printing face shields by volunteers, and the 3D printer will used for prototyping PPE and medical parts. Photo courtesy of Ambros Inc.

Hundreds of 3D-printed face shields and sewn masks from a group of volunteers are ready for use by nurses, doctors and others on the front line who are at high risk of exposure to COVID-19.

This is just within days since the group sought out people with sewing skills or 3D printers to make personal protective equipment for health care professionals amid a supply shortage.

Cyrus Luhr and Allison Rutter, co-founders of the group PPE for Guam, on Tuesday said 100 3D-printed face shields will be donated today to Guam Regional Medical City, and they are also hoping to donate 1,000 to Guam Memorial Hospital within the next few days.

Some 100 to 200 more face shields will be donated to GRMC within seven days, Luhr said.

'It's heartwarming and exciting'

Late last week, PPE for Guam dropped off 200 home-made masks to the Office of Civil Defense for distribution to front-liners, Luhr said.

The group also gave 30 face masks to Sanctuary Inc., which runs a shelter for youth and adults in need.

"It's heartwarming and exciting to see so many people stepping up to help fight this pandemic," Luhr said. "Following disasters and typhoons, people help out but because this pandemic forces us to stay home. Making face shields and masks at home are people's way of engaging and helping out."

Rutter said she's thankful for those who heeded the call for help producing personal protective equipment for the front-liners.

PPE for Guam, which now has hundreds of volunteer members, has been working with GMH, GRMC, the Office of Civil Defense, local 3D-printing firm Gudwood, the University of Guam and the Guam Department of Education in producing do-it-yourself sewn face masks and 3D-printed face shields.

Luhr said about half of the estimated 23 individuals producing 3D-printed face shields are Guam DOE teachers.

More than 80 people have also volunteered so far to produce sewn masks, the group said.

Lending a helping hand

One of the businesses that answered PPE for Guam's call for help is Ambros Inc., which donated on Monday a 3D printer and 20 rolls of PLA filament to aid in the production of face shields for medical professionals.

"Our marketing team saw the call from the PPE for Guam page on Facebook, and thought our 3D printer and supply could be really helpful to the medical field, so we decided to donate what we had on hand to that cause," Ambros Inc. General Manager Tom Shimizu said in a statement.

JoJo Camacho, marketing manager for Ambros, said the company is ready and willing to help the community in this time of need.

Ambros on April 1 also delivered 100 meals prepared by the Guam Reef Hotel, as well as Aloha Maid drinks to GMH and the Skilled Nursing Unit.

Ambros said all this has been done "in the spirit of the Anheuser-Busch's #OneTeam movement that calls for us to 'come together in support of the heroes on the front line of the health crisis.'"

"These brave women and men, who face the daily challenge of COVID-19, are our front line, and we wanted to show that we appreciate and support them," Shimizu said. "We are one team."

Haidee Eugenio Gilbert


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