Charlene Bernadette Cruz Untalan, 31, is back in prison after she failed to report to Adult Probation Services since Sept. 13, 2019.

Untalan, who admitted to police that she would sell cocaine out of her Toto residence, then spend the drug money on her children, pleaded guilty in the Superior Court of Guam in September 2019 to possession of a Schedule II controlled substance.

She was spared from having to spend any more time in prison.

“Since then she left us,” said Judge Anita Sukola during Friday's court hearing.

Untalan was taken back into custody earlier this week after an arrest warrant was issued due to her failure to report to probation over the past four months.

'Her house was burglarized'

“She ran into a few problems. Her house was burglarized and her car was stolen,” said defense attorney Stephen Hattori.

Untalan told the court that she also had, "housing problems, but there is no excuse, Your Honor. I do understand there is no other way around the situation I am going through, so I had to self-surrender."

She also admitted that she is pregnant and had been using meth since the court accepted her plea last year.

Untalan, a mother of five, told the court she was unaware of her pregnancy during the times she was using drugs.

“Listen to me very carefully," Sukola said to Untalan. "Now that you told me you’re with child and not even sure how many months you are and you told the court you had taken meth, I want you to know that could affect your child. From now on and knowing your physical condition, if you take any kind of drug you will go back to jail and I will call CPS. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Your Honor," Untalan said.

"Because you could kill your baby," Sukola said. "Sorry I have to say it like that but that's what is going to happen if you don't stop what you're doing."

The court ordered Untalan be held in prison for five days with credit for time served. She will be released from custody on Monday and ordered to check in three times weekly.

Untalan is scheduled back in court on Feb. 4.

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