A Department of Corrections commander finds herself under investigation for a third time this year after a detainee was mistakenly released from the Department of Corrections on Monday night.

The Guam Daily Post confirms the prison commander and other officers on duty during two previous erroneous releases earlier this year were reprimanded and given warnings for the mistake.

On April 17, Jonhsen Simon was erroneously released from the Mangilao facility, and, on March 11, Jay Javier was mistakenly released from the Hagåtña Detention Facility.

According to prison records, Simon was held after being court committed for fraudulent use of a license plate in 2016. Javier was confined on a warrant of arrest for a 2015 child support case.

Both were immediately returned to custody after officers realized the errors.

Sources: Using multiple databases to manage inmates is a problem

Sources confirm with the Post that the DOC commander on shift on Monday – the day Rodney Joe Cruz was erroneously released from the Hagåtña Detention Facility – is the same commander who was in charge during the incidents involving Simon and Javier.

Cruz was taken back into DOC custody Tuesday morning.

Cruz was court committed for a 2016 terrorizing case and a 2017 family violence and child abuse case. He has 14 arrests that date back to 2001.

Prison officials, who asked not to be identified, told the Post that the problem – aside from a lack of manpower and resources at the prison – is that they’re forced to work with multiple databases to manage the prisoners.

DOC Director Samantha Brennan declined to comment on the latest erroneous release while it remains under investigation.