A puppy named Oro is back home and safe after falling about 50 feet into a pit in Tamuning on Tuesday afternoon.

First responders with the Guam Fire Department got the call around 3:34 p.m.

Rescuers rappelled down the coral pit near Paseo De Oro behind the Tamuning baseball field and plucked the 6-month-old dog out safely.

First responders wrapped up the rescue around 4:35 p.m., according to GFD spokesperson Cherika Chargualaf.

Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera said she’s grateful, knowing GFD first responders have to prioritize their responses, that they were able to help the family.

“I know how these guys feel about their dogs, I mean, they probably were traumatized and they didn’t know how to get down there to get the puppy,” she said. “I’m just happy they were able to help this dog.”

GFD doesn’t get this type of call often but they have assisted other pet owners previously. Last month, GFD rescued Maui Bear, a family dog that had fallen off the side of a cliff in Maite. In that incident, firefighters had to rappel about 40 feet down. Officials noted then that they didn’t have an emergency involving risk to human life at the time.


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