Guam Governor Lou Leon Guerrero today signed the Cannabis Industry Act of 2019 into law.

Sen. Clynt Ridgell’s Bill No. 32-35 establishes a framework for the creation of a cannabis industry that could eventually lead to the legalization of the production, sale and taxation of marijuana on Guam.

The governor’s approval comes 8 days after it was passed by the legislature on a vote of  8-7.

Sens. Ridgell, Joe San Agustin, Régine Biscoe Lee, Telo Taitague, Louise Muna, Jose Terlaje, Kelly Marsh and Speaker Tina Muña Barnes voted in favor of the measure.

Sens. Jim Moylan, Wil Castro, Therese Terlaje, Sabina Perez, Mary Torres, Amanda Shelton and Telena Nelson voted against it.

Enactment of the bill does not mean that cannabis products are now legal and available for sale.

It could be a year or longer before homegrown marijuana products are available for purchase in cannabis stores on Guam.

The governor has to appoint 9 members to a Cannabis Control Board.

That board then has up to a year to devise the rules and regulations to govern the cannabis industry.

Then, within a year from today, the Cannabis Board must submit its proposed rules to the legislature for approval.

Those rules and regulations will have to be turned into a piece of legislation which will be subject to a public hearing within 75 days after the legislature gets the rules and regulations from the Cannabis Board.

The bill then must be approved by lawmakers and sent on to the governor for her final approval.

The commercial sale of cannabis will not be permitted until the rules and regulations governing the cannabis industry have become law.


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