On Monday morning, Carol Somerfleck had been standing in line for more than two hours at the post office in Hagåtña.

“It’s very frustrating, it really is,” she said. “I’m older, I’m in my 60s. It’s very difficult and you feel like you’re going to have a heatstroke.”

She is among many local residents who’ve voiced concerns that the lines at the U.S. Postal Service offices on Guam have gotten longer in the last month or so.

Calls to the U.S. Postal Service office on Guam weren’t answered as of Tuesday afternoon.

“It seems like it’s becoming the norm,” Somerfleck said, noting the Postal Service has lost a lot in terms of financial support from the government.

“We depend on the mail so much. I hope Washington, D.C., funds the post office better.”

Some people at the Barrigada main post office said since the onset of COVID-19, they’ve been ordering more products from off island – as a way to stay out of stores and away from crowds.

Out of 20 random people asked, 14 people said they’ve been ordering more products online. Others said they’re receiving items from friends and family.

Most of them said orders are taking longer to get to Guam.

The Postal Service also has adopted new procedures, including a 6-foot distance between customers standing in line.

Davina Gumataotao, who also was in Hagåtña, said she understands COVID-19 has impacted the Postal Service agency, causing delays.

She said there must be solutions to the long lines, such as reinstating some services at other post offices.

Gumataotao said she usually picks up her mail at the Agat Post Office, but on Monday she was in Hagåtña to send packages out.

“It would be a whole lot easier and be a lot faster if all post offices, like the one in Agat, would take boxes,” she said, noting they used to provide that service but stopped for reasons she’s unaware of.

She did note she appreciated that while in line, everyone was wearing a mask.

“I have elderly family members,” she said. “I appreciate that everyone’s taking everyone else into consideration.”


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