Rodriguez announces educator running mate

TEAM: Educator and retired Air Force Col. David Cruz, right, is running with Sen. Dennis Rodriguez Jr. in the Democratic gubernatorial race. Cruz was announced as Rodriguez's running mate Saturday in Yigo. David Castro/The Guam Daily Post

Educator and retired Air Force Col. David Cruz is Sen. Dennis Rodriguez Jr.'s running mate in the Democratic Party gubernatorial race.

Rodriguez and Cruz officially kicked off their campaign to be the island’s next governor and lieutenant governor during an event with supporters in Yigo on Saturday night.

The two told supporters they are eager for an opportunity to bring about an “economic revolution” for the island through “Real Change,” their campaign slogan.

“The economy has been growing over the past few years and we want to make sure that as much as corporations are making their dividends, everyday people are making it with greater wealth and happiness in this economy,” Rodriguez stated.

When choosing a running mate, the four-term senator said he was looking for someone who could be governor should he be absent or if something were to happen. He also wanted an educator and someone who wasn’t a politician.

“David is a living, breathing symbol of our commitment to be different, to think differently and to do things differently,” Rodriguez said. “If people want change, then the men and women running for governor should start showing what they’d do differently.”

Cruz said he has voted for both Republicans and Democrats in past elections and holds viewpoints that are “driven more by principle than party.”

He said he never had intentions to run for public office but realized there was an opportunity to help bring about real change for the island. Cruz said he relates to those residents who are “fed up” with their leaders. “I thought, geez, I’m one of those people who is sick and tired of the politics and the corruption,” he said.

If elected, the team stated it would be the first time a teacher will serve in Adelup.

Aside from health and education, the team promised an “economic revolution” in the island’s economy that puts the “focus and the race for wealth, health and happiness on you and all the people, and not just for the corporate cats,” Rodriguez stated.

“We’re going to make the sustainability effort last by getting rid of the public corruption that oftentimes kills innovation and progress” he added.

Other teams

Rodriguez-Cruz is competing for the Democratic gubernatorial ticket with three other teams.

Former Sen. Lou Leon Guerrero is running for governor with former Judiciary of Guam administrator and Guam AutoSpot Vice President Joshua Tenorio.

Nine-term Sen. Frank Aguon Jr., who has run for the position of lieutenant governor in two past elections, is running with former Guam Attorney General Alicia Limtiaco as his running mate.

Former two-term Gov. Carl Gutierrez is running with former Guam Police Department Chief Fred Bordallo.

Lt. Gov. Ray Tenorio is running with former Sen. Vicente “Tony” Ada on the Republican ticket.

The deadline for governor and lieutenant governor candidates to submit nominating petitions for the 2018 primary election to the Guam Election Commission is on June 26. The primary election is scheduled for Aug. 25.

The Guam Election Commission will begin accepting nominating petitions for the 2018 primary election for governor and lieutenant governor on April 17.


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