Rolex heist sentencing delayed due to potential conflict

Lucas Rebanal

Sentencing for one of the men who admitted to his role in a theft at the Rolex boutique in Tumon, which led to one of the largest prescription drug busts in Guam history, will be delayed at least another two months.

Defendant Lucas Rebanal, who pleaded guilty to various charges related to theft, drug possession and drug possession with intent to distribute, appeared before Superior Court of Guam Judge pro tem Jonathan Quan on Thursday.

The plea agreement indicates Rebanal will serve a prison sentence of between zero and five years, with credit for time served, according to Post files.

However, defense attorney Curtis Van de veld requested that the court disclose a potential conflict of interest, arguing that Quan previously worked for the Office of the Attorney General as a prosecutor.

The case was previously assigned to Judge Anita Sukola, who has since retired.

The court told the parties that he did transfer out of the AG’s office in mid-2016 to become a legal counsel for Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency and the Guam Police Department prior to serving on the bench.

Judge Quan said he would file an official response.

Rebanal is scheduled to appear back in court on July 9, and sentencing is tentatively set for Aug. 5.

Prescription pills 

Police investigating a theft at a Rolex store in February 2017 were ultimately led to Rebanal's home, where they discovered firearms and thousands of prescription pills.

A total of six people were indicted in the case, including Rebanal, Kyle Austero Pablo, Jesus Calma, Brian Josh San Nicolas Parkinson, Jay Ryan Gaza and Vince Mikel Benito.

All have since taken plea deals with the government.


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