Editor's Note: A correction was made to this story removing information that identified a Guam businessman with the same name as another individual who had contributed to the delegate's campaign. 

Delegate Michael San Nicolas’ campaign has refunded $9,000 in contribution to Guam businessman Andrew Park.

The Federal Election Commission recorded the refund on Feb. 20, 2020.

The campaign contribution was the subject of San Nicolas’ former campaign manager and former chief of staff John P. Manuel’s complaint which was filed with the Guam Election Commission on Sept. 8, 2019.

Manuel's complaint states: "Mr. San Nicolas received a $10,000 donation" to Andrew Park, at the time a Guam Korean Chamber of Commerce official, but did not report it. 

The congressman's campaign committee treasurer Faith San Nicolas reported, to the Federal Election Commission, the refund to Park. 

"In September of 2019, it came to my attention that a campaign contribution in excess of allowable amounts may have been received," San Nicolas said, when The Guam Daily Post asked for comment earlier today.

"As part of our year-end reconciling of campaign finance records we reached out and confirmed that such a contribution was in fact received by a former campaign staffer and not properly handled by said staffer," San Nicolas added. "To remedy this error, we refunded the amount in line with Federal Election Commission requirements, as allowed by federal law."

Manuel, who has also provided information to the Office of Congressional Ethics, stated today: "Taking responsibility for his actions also involves admitting he solicited contributions that were against the law and that used funds inappropriately for his affair.  He has done neither and continues to obfuscate what he and I know are facts. That is not responsibility."

Manuel has provided information about the alleged affair between San Nicolas and a key member of his congressional staff to the OCE, an independent, nonpartisan investigative entity of the House, Washington, D.C.-based Roll Call recently reported.

A separate inquiry is ongoing in the House Ethics Committee, which announced it was investigating the delegate in October, Roll Call also reported.

San Nicolas has denied Manuel's allegations when they first surfaced last year.

In his statement today, San Nicolas added: "This matter has been fully documented and all correspondence reconciling these actions have been provided to the Ethics Committee and the Federal Election Commission. We continue to take campaign finance compliance seriously and will always take any actions necessary to ensure we are legal and conforming."

"It is not uncommon for errors to be made in the receipt of campaign contributions by campaign staff, and the FEC has a process for these occurrences to be handled, which we have done in full compliance," the delegate added.


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